Property Development

As a property developer ourselves, we can truly share our experience when we search for additional products. We fully understand that what is perfectly suitable for one client will not be right for someone else, and as such we try to keep an open mind and offer 2-3 options. We have opportunities and experience in a wide range of products, all yielding handsome rewards and market leading security aspects. In short, we search the world for Investments, which offer the most secure, highest rewards, transparent and ethical companies with the strongest track records. Once we have found them, we spend many hours researching that company and its background, and continue to research constantly, making sure we are offering the best possible advice available. We have a dedicated team that produces in depth weekly reports not only on our recommended products, but they are constantly searching the globe for any additional offerings that may be of interest to us and our clients.

prospect developer

Now personally a prospect developer with the latest project finished and sold out project comprising of 126 apartments - Circle Oaks Village.

perfectly positioned

We are perfectly positioned to be able to inspect and carry out comprehensive due diligence on any new developments coming to market.

full weight backing

With our network you can rest assured that if we have a product to offer you, then it comes with the full weight of our backing behind it.

That’s who we are


Year of Foundation

GBP Consultants has a long track record of success.


Countries with Successful Projects

We have been successfully involved with a number of projects from different parts of the world. Australia, Thailand, China, Singapore, France, Germany, USA and UK.


Registered Companies

We have companies registered in and operating in London, Dubai, Hong Kong, USA and Shanghai.