Additional Services

Additional Services

We offer exclusive services including, but not limited to: Retail property investments

We offer exclusive services

including, but not limited to:

Retail property investments
Asset acquisition
Public listed bonds giving secure and impressive returns
A range of managed funds offering a full spread of opportunity globally

Advice on corporate structure and placement
Advice on asset ownership and structure, including efficient structures in most relevant jurisdiction
Bespoke tailor made investment vehicles for the seasoned investor
‘Off the shelf’ investment products already designed with clients express needs in mind
Citizenship programs for both the UK and EU


Gateway into global markets

We can act as your gateway into global leading markets, but should you of already gathered experience and now wish to make a presence of your own, then look no further. In addition to our constant research into the alternative investment market, we are well positioned to advise and support your global needs and requirements. Our strengths are predominantly in UK, UAE and China. Having offices in these three locations and many years of experience in each, we can assist you to develop your presence in any or all of the above.

Why China?

  • China has the second largest economy in the world
  • the economy is growing in excess of 6% annually, and growth expected to be maintained for the near future
  • China has a relatively stable political environment
  • As an emerging market, the transportation and infrastructure is well developed
  • Global customers may already be in China and require suppliers to have a china presence
  • increasing income levels and growing middle class creates significant opportunities

Why UAE?

  • 100% foreign ownership is allowed
  • 0% corporation tax
  • 0% income tax on individuals
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profit is permitted
  • Strategic location is ideal for cross border commerce
  • Modern and efficient communication and infrastructure
  • UK common law is available to select in certain UAE jurisdictions including Dubai IFC

Why UK?

  • Strategic location for Europe and North America
  • Internationally recognised common law legal system
  • The UK has signed over 100 double tax treaties, more than any other country
  • No withholding tax on dividends paid by UK companies to individual and corporate shareholders
  • Individuals who are UK resident but not UK domiciled can achieve considerable tax savings.
  • Exemption for capital gains on the disposal of substantial shareholdings in active operating companies
  • Very secure investment location
  • Highly flexible cost-effective companies legislation
  • Good professional, communications and physical infrastructure
  • Effective regulatory regime
  • Open to foreign investors