Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding

We have the most exciting and robust crowd funding platform focused on Prime Central Real Estate.

With more than £100,000,000 of assets currently within our crowd funding platform, we have successfully exited on our previous projects with returns not less than 15% per year!

In short, crowdfunding is a way for multiple investors to co-invest into a business or asset, such as property. Over the years it has been proven to be a highly successful way used around the world for financing and investing.

With our chosen real estate Crowdfunding platform, it allows for large assets to be bought collectively by low entry-level retail investors. So instead of a £10 million property being bought by one investor for £10 million, using our model it can now be bought by multiple investors, for example 100 investors with £100,000 each.

The ultimate goal for our Crowdfunding platform is to allow for different levels of investor to share the benefits in investing regardless of their financial capability. Today, through our platform, investors looking to invest from as little as £50,000, have the same access and receive the same treatment as our UHNWI investors investing for example £50,000,000.

Historically we have only dealt with Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI), but now with our Crowdfunding platform, it breaks ground in becoming the first structure in the world to offer this asset class (Trophy Assets) to low level participants.